PCB Assembly For Your Industries Electronic Needs

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PCB Assembly For Your Industries Electronic Needs

Electronics In Industry


Electronics are everywhere – in our homes, cars, at work, etc. and the demand for electronic products continues to rise as production advancements lower prices and make modern devices more accessible.

Just about every industry has a need for electronics ranging from consumer electronics, such as TV’s, phones, and tablets, to industrial equipment, medical monitors, aviation communication, navigation, and control systems.

Driven by innovation and years of expertise, TJM Electronics produces top tier electronic products for a variety of industries including aerospace and defense, medical, industrial, and non-commodity consumer electronic products. 

Aerospace & Defense

Equipped with a market-leading manufacturing facility and extensive experience serving the A&D market, TJM Electronics  is committed to delivering reliable and long-lasting products for mission-critical applications with rigorous and strict requirements. To meet the unique demands of A&D applications, our PCBs are built to withstand extreme temperatures (both high and low), vibration, shock, extended use, and mechanical abuse. 


Hospitals and medical centers across the world are increasingly relying on new and improved technology to deliver patient care, shorten recovery times, and save lives. These advances include artificial intelligence, robotics, wearable technology, and more.

ISO-9001 certified since 2002, TJM Electronics’ fully equipped and automated production facility guarantees delivery of reliable and quality medical devices, monitors and systems that exceed the stringent requirements of the medical industry.


Industrial facilities frequently rely on control systems, monitoring equipment, automation, and motion detection devices to ensure steady and sustainable performance that deliver accurate and intelligent results. Our PCBA capabilities include high-speed and precise surface mount technology, thru-hole processing, system integration, and testing. 

Non-Commodity Consumer Electronic Products

We provide low cost, low-high volume manufacturing for non-commodity consumer electronic products with the ability to adjust any design to accommodate IoT requirements, including size, weight, thermal control, and power consumption for these markets.

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