Through Hole PCB Assembly

Through Hole PCB Assembly

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Through Hole PCB Assembly Expertise

Experts in PCB assembly, ThermOmegaTech® uses manual and automated techniques to satisfy through hole (or thru-hole) assembly requirements for axial and radial lead components. Whether prototypes or full production runs, we are committed to delivering high-quality through hole solutions for any application.

Enhanced Reliability


Through hole technology is the mounting process in which leads are used to connect two locations on a circuit board electrically. This process involves drilling into the printed circuit board to insert the lead through the holes and soldering components on the board using automated soldering or manual soldering methods. Because leads go through the board and are soldered in place, this creates a stronger bond between components and the board, enhancing reliability and durability.

Surface Mount Technology is the more common form of assembly today; however, through hole mounting technology is still crucial for specific equipment and applications that must undergo high-stress levels or operate at high speeds and extreme temperatures. This is why it is often the preferred PCB assembly method for many designs used in the aerospace and defense industries. With the ability to withstand extreme accelerations, high and low temperatures, mechanical stress, high power, and high voltages, through hole mounting is the ideal solution for military-grade applications that must be resistant to environmental stress. Through hole mounting is also a useful technique for prototyping and testing, offering the ability to adjust or replace leads manually and rearrange layouts to determine the ideal design.

Benefits of Through-Hole Technology

  • More resistant to environmental stress
  • Highly reliable and durable
  • Strength of bonds
  • Ideal for larger components that experience high power and high voltage
  • Allows room for improvement in prototyping
Through Hole PCB Assembly - Quality

Industry Leading Experience

ThermOmegaTech® is an electronics contract manufacturing company certified to AS9100D quality standards. Understanding the importance of quality control, precision, and ruggedness, we have a dedicated team of assemblers with years of experience in through hole PCB assembly mounting. Once we have a solid design, we will begin drilling holes according to our client’s design and place the necessary leads through the holes. Our assemblers ensure the correct orientation before placing the components and manufacturing a through hole board. After inspection, our assemblers will securely solder the leads in place, delivering a durable through hole PCB assembly.

Proven To Perform 


ThermOmegaTech® puts quality first, meaning that your product outcome will exceed expectations, as every project is handled in a well-defined and strictly controlled environment. Our through hole PCB assembly designs have proven to perform in the most extreme environments, taking ruggedness to a new level.

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