Markets Served

Markets Served

Our primary markets served include aerospace and defense, commercial, medical, industrial, non-commodity consumer electronics products, and LED lighting. Below, we’ve outlined our capabilities and applications in more detail for each specific market.  

Aerospace and Defense

ThermOmegaTech® is equipped with the most advanced, state-of-the-art technologies to guarantee the aerospace and defense industries the highest quality performance and production.

We understand the rigorous requirements necessary for mission-critical applications. We are dedicated to delivering superior designs and performance-oriented features to withstand harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, vibration, shock, extended use, and mechanical abuse.

Mission Critical Avionics

Radar, Monitoring & Control Systems

Data Acquisition Systems

Power Supplies

Navigation Systems

Security Systems

Communication Systems

Power & Weapons Systems

Medical Devices


Control Systems


Instrumentation Systems

IoT Devices

Communication Systems

Power Systems

In Flight Entertainment

Data Acquisition Systems


The medical industry is rapidly growing as technology advances.  We understand the intricacies and detailed requirements of this industry. Being AS9100D certified, we guarantee appropriate quality control throughout your entire project. Our facility is equipped with automatic equipment to deliver 100% reliable and efficient life-critical medical devices, monitors, and systems.

We have designed and manufactured printed circuit boards for various industrial products, including industrial controls, monitoring equipment, motion detection, and more. Our PCBA capabilities include high-speed and precise surface mount technology, thru-hole processing, system integration, and testing.

We also support low-cost and low-to-high volume manufacturing for non-commodity consumer electronic products. We can adjust any design to accommodate IoT requirements, including size, weight, thermal control, and power consumption for these markets.

LED Lighting

We also assemble LED boards of any shape or size, up to 460mm (18.11″) wide and 1200mm (47.24″) long.

We are designed to be flexible and can customize your design to fit your specific needs. We are able to manufacture custom board sizes that include AC and DC LED modules, custom modules, and compatibility with commercial IoT controls.

Industrial Lighting

Horticultural Lighting

Indoor and Home Office Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Entertainment Lighting