Case Studies

PCB Assembly and Box Build SUCCESS Stories with ThermOmegaTech

automated assembly
lines improved precision
and accuracy
and reduced downtime

BBQ Guru
In search of a quality Electronic Manufacturer,  Jim Logue, Owner of Logue Family Holdings, Inc., acquired a well-established contract manufacturer to streamline the production of BBQ Guru’s UltraQ – a temperature control device with Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connection designed to monitor and control the temperature of BBQ grills and food.

has provided PCB
assembly, but they’ve
also been a resource for
learning the electronic

A lifting and rigging technology company chose ThermOmegaTech® to produce over 1,000 PCB Assemblies for their new product, Smart Sling® Technology – an overload sensor built into their Twin-Path® sling. The sensor board monitors & alerts operators of potentially dangerous conditions in which a sling’s integrity may be compromised due to excessive load.

With the help of
ThermOmegaTech, we
were able to develop an
at-home alternative to
fitness connoisseurs
in a time of need!

Impact Wrap
During the everlasting Quarantine of 2020, Impact Wrap decided to develop an at-home solution for fitness connoisseurs. Working closely with ThermOmegaTech® to handle the design, prototyping, and manufacturing process, the Impact@Home came to fruition – a smart tracking sensor that clips to workout bags and connects to iPhone/Androids via Bluetooth.