Case Study: Electronics Division Manufactures Easy-to-Read Digital Thermometer for Breastmilk System

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Case Study: Electronics Division Manufactures Easy-to-Read Digital Thermometer for Breastmilk System

PippySips Breastmilk System with Thermo-lid

The Electronics Division of ThermOmegaTech collaborated with Philadelphia-based entrepreneurs Amberlee and Joe Venti to bring their innovative breastmilk management system, PippySips, from concept to reality. 

This patented and award-winning solution facilitates breastmilk storage, cooling, and temperature monitoring, ensuring it remains at a safe and optimal temperature.

PippySips Background

Amberlee Venti, the creator of PippySips, shared that the inspiration for PippySips emerged from her challenges as a breastfeeding and pumping mother. “Pumping is complicated enough, and breastmilk must be cooled after you pump it. That creates a whole other barrier in the pumping process,” stated Venti.


Venti faced significant obstacles in her workplace, where accessing the office refrigerator was often impractical. “The refrigerator was located where we ran an outpatient mental health unit. It was not always appropriate to enter when patients are in the middle of group therapy,” Venti recounted. “This presented a significant hurdle in storing my milk efficiently. Alternative solutions, such as coolers with ice packs, lacked reliability and did not assure the milk’s temperature, especially on a scorching summer day.”


In response to these challenges, Amberlee and Joe, alongside their team, developed the PippySips system called Maia: a compact, portable cooler designed to offer secure and dependable breast milk storage. However, they needed a way to accurately monitor and view the milk’s temperature without opening the device.


They engaged the expertise of ThermOmegaTech’s Electronics Division, renowned for its proficiency in electronics contract manufacturing and printed circuit board assembly. “The need for a reliable temperature display mechanism was imperative, and we were fortunate to partner with ThermOmegaTech, facilitated by Inteprod, a medical device contractor in Eagleville, Pennsylvania,” Venti explained.

The Result


Inteprod crafted the initial design for the Thermo-lid, which ThermOmegaTech refined, ultimately progressing to production. The manufacturing process includes assembling the printed circuit board within the Thermo-lid and integrating all components to deliver the final product – a sophisticated combination of printed circuit board assembly and box build project.

PippySips Thermo-lid

The innovative Thermo-lid allows users to ascertain the milk’s temperature with a simple double-tap or shake, independent of external environmental conditions, ensuring the internal temperature of the breastmilk is always visible. This feature propelled the PippySips system to be ready for mass production.

Amberlee Venti expressed high regard for collaborating with ThermOmegaTech, stating, “Our engagement with the ThermOmegaTech team has been exceedingly positive, fostering a familial bond. Tom Krol, Director of Strategic Accounts, Electronics Division, exemplifies engineering acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. The transparency and initiative demonstrated by the electronics team have been commendable. The opportunity to observe our product in production and feel involved in the process has been invaluable. We highly recommend ThermOmegaTech for electronic assembly needs and deeply trust their Electronics Team.”


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