Quick-Turn PCB Assembly Services – High Quality Results

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Quick-Turn PCB Assembly Services – High Quality Results

Quick and Easy PCB Assembly Services


TJM Electronics offers printed circuit board assembly services for a variety of applications in the aerospace and defense, medical, and industrial markets ranging from non-commodity consumer electronic products and medical devices to mission critical avionics and radar, navigation, and control systems. Offering PCB assembly, product development, and contract manufacturing, we have the skills and expertise to bring award-winning electronic products and systems to the market. 

We specialize in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) for small light-weight PCB’s that are usually produced on a larger scale and Thru-hole assembly for boards that are subject to high mechanical or thermal stress with high power requirements, typically used for military grade PCB’s and critical system designs with demanding physical and thermal specifications.  

At TJM, we accommodate needs specific to any industry and have the flexibility to process virtually any printed circuit assembly project. Whether high density or low-to-high volume, we have the ability and equipment to deliver mass production assemblies with quick turn-around. 

PCB Assembly Capabilities


TJM’s facility is equipped with modern state-of-the-art automated technology, giving us the ability to quickly produce high-quality, robust flexible printed circuit board assemblies based on any given requirement. 

  • Rigid, Flex, Rigid/Flex
  • Surface Mount/ Thru-Hole Processing
  • Mixed Technology
  • Processing Components Down to 01005
  • Lead & Lead Free Processing 
  • Fine Pitch Down to 0.3mm (BGA, QFN, QFP)
  • Single/Double Sided Configuration
  • Metal Core Insulated
  • FR4, Rogers, Copper, Ceramic, Duroid
  • Conformal Coating
  • High Temperature Laminates 
  • Aluminum and Copper Substrates 
  • High-Speed Backplane Connectors 
  • I/O Connectors 
  • Fiber Optics 
  • Micro-Miniature and
    Nano-Miniature Connectors 
  • Single-Level and Solid-State Relays 
  • Circuit Breakers

Our PCB assembly services adhere to regulatory industry standards and comply with ISO 9001 requirements to ensure that our quality system is well-defined in a strictly controlled environment. 

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