Reliable PCB Assembly for Aerospace and Defense

Reliable PCB Assembly for Aerospace and Defense

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Custom PCB Assembly Solutions

Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) plays a crucial role in the development and functioning of various aerospace and defense systems. At ThermOmegaTech, we have the necessary skills to meet the requirements for these applications.

Our PCBAs are designed to meet stringent reliability and durability standards, withstanding extreme temperatures, high levels of vibration, humidity, shock, and electromagnetic interference. We use high-quality materials, including specialized circuit boards, components, and soldering techniques, to ensure long-term performance in demanding environments.

ThermOmegaTech understands the complex requirements for military-grade applications, which is why we are a trusted supplier for many aerospace and defense programs. Examples of some systems we perform contract manufacturing of PCB assemblies for include C-130 Hercules, CH-47 Chinook, KC-46 Pegasus, Bell 407 Helicopter, AH-1W, AH-1S SuperCobra Attack Helicopter, Boeing 757, Boeing 767, and the Korean T-50 Golden Eagle.

Whether you’re looking for prototype PCB assemblies or high-volume production, we can work closely with your engineers, procurement specialists, and designers to ensure the assemblies fit your projects’ needs.

Printed Circuit Board with Chips and Components


Reliability & Durability


Mixed Technology (SMT & Thru-Hole)

Processing Components Down To 01005

Lead & Lead-Free Processing

Fine Pitch Down To 0.3mm (BGA, QFN, QFP)

Single or Double-Sided Configuration

Metal Core Insulated

FR4, Rogers, Copper, Ceramic, Duroid

Conformal Coating

High-Temperature Laminates

Aluminum and Copper Substrates

High-Speed Backplane Connectors

Rack-and-Panel Connectors

I/O Connectors

Fiber Optics

Micro-Miniature and Nano-Miniature Connectors

Signal-Level and Solid-State Relays

Circuit Breakers

Multi-Layer PCB

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High-Quality Manufacturing and PCB Assembly

At our facility in Warminster, PA, we run smart, automated electronic assembly lines that include pick and place machines with mounting speeds to 45,300 cph and fine pitch down to 0.3mm.

We also have various reflow ovens, a selective soldering system, 3D paste inspection machines, and 3D automatic optical and x-ray inspection systems. In addition, we provide environmentally safe board cleaning with de-ionized water recycling, ROSE testing, and humidity-controlled storage for moisture-sensitive devices.

Understanding the challenging and demanding needs specific to the aerospace and defense industries, we cater our PCBA efforts to withstand harsh conditions imposed by extreme temperatures, moisture, shock/vibration, mechanical abuse, or any other hazardous conditions that can defect the finalized product.

ThermOmegaTech® services customers in various industries. Due to our growth in aerospace and defense markets, we have decided to pursue AS9100D as our primary Quality Management System to create standard operating procedures across all business segments. This allows us to enhance the quality of our product while increasing efficiencies and alleviating undue price increases for our customers.

Whether your technology includes Surface Mount (SMT), Through-hole, or mixed technology for single or double-sided boards in small quantities, prototypes, or large production runs, ThermOmegaTech® can provide for all of your contract electronics manufacturing needs.

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